Why Dry Cider Is The Perfect Wine Alternative

Showerings Cider Enjoyed At Dinner

Wine is the choice for many when it comes to hosting a dinner party or going out for drinks.

If you gravitate towards crisp and refreshing flavours, you might want to spice things up. Dry cider is an alternative option to serve your friends, pair with your favourite dish or just enjoy on its own.

The difference between dry cider and wine

While both cider and wine are fermented fruit juices, they differ in the types of fruit used and fermentation process. This creates differences in sugar and alcohol content and, ultimately, a different taste. Nonetheless, if you enjoy the taste of wine, you will likely also appreciate the taste of sweet and dry cider. Here are three reasons why dry cider is the perfect wine alternative:

Cider has a different flavour profile

Wine and cider are both fermented alcoholic beverages. While wine is made from grapes, cider is made by fermenting apple juice. Typically, apple cider has a very refreshing and slightly sweet taste. However, ciders vary in sweetness depending on the apple varieties and the fermentation method used.

For those who prefer white wine, dry cider can offer a similar crispness and acidity, which makes it an excellent palate-cleansing option to enjoy with food. Dry cider has a distinct apple flavour, with notes of tartness and acidity. It is a highly versatile alcoholic beverage and can complement a wide range of flavours.

Cider’s sweetness and acidity can cut through the richness of chicken or vegetable dishes. Alternatively, it can be enjoyed as a standalone drink or serve as a mixer in cocktails.

Lower alcohol content

Sugar is turned into alcohol during the fermentation process. Generally speaking, the more sugar a fruit has, the higher the alcohol content will be. While it largely depends on the fruit variety and harvest time, apples generally have fewer natural sugars than grapes. Thus, cider has a lower alcohol content than wine.

Typically, wine has an alcohol content ranging from 10% to 15%. Cider, on the other hand, has an alcohol content which ranges from 4% to 8%. Cider is a versatile option and can be paired with many foods in lieu of wine.

Gluten-free option

Cider is naturally gluten-free, while some wines may contain gluten. It is an excellent alternative for those with gluten sensitivities.

Dry cider vs wine

The choice between cider or wine comes down to preference and personal taste. For those who enjoy a crisp and refreshing flavour, you might want to swap your sauvignon blanc for a dry cider next time.

It’s the perfect gluten-free wine alternative due to its versatility and lower alcohol content.